Jason Jasvinder Singh Grewal – July 2, 1982~~June 13, 2017

Our Little Boy

The happiest moments of our life
We owe to you entirely
Without you we are
So sad and lonely

The best moments of our lives
Will always hear your name

Since the moment you were born
Our life was never the same
We love you Jason

From the day we held you in our arms
You touched us with your irresistible charm
From the day we rocked you in our lap
We got caught up in your loving trap

From the day you called us Daddy and Mommy
You made us jump around and be so happy

From the day you became our loving son
All our regrets became undone
We love you Jason our son

There are so many emotions we want to express
In how you have given us so much happiness
There are so many things about you, we will cherish
We promise you Jason our son, they will never perish

Being your parents was never hard
But it is today my son, we are apart

We are honoured and proud of you Jason
You have amazed us all your life
You were our pillar and our strength
That shows in the room today
With all the love and respect
That you deserve

But the hurt you left us will never go away
We will fulfill your hopes and dreams
Through the eyes of Gagan and Nishaan

We will come together as a family
Which you always wanted
So rest in peace our little boy
You will never be forgotten
Till we meet again. We love you Jason